From Susan Ochieng, 2015
Our son started with Paint Me Colors when he was about 10 weeks old. Since then we have been counting our never ending blessings of finding Rose and her amazing team! We have two other children and have had various experiences with other childcare facilities and environments before finding Paint Me Colors. It has been by far the most nurturing and supportive. Our son, now 20 months, has been thriving in his engaging surroundings. He looks forward to starting every morning, and claps in excitement as we pull up. Rose and her team provide confident and competent care to each and every child at this daycare center.

Paint me Colors provides a structured routine that helps our son learn to anticipate what is expected of him. He has already begun developing skills that will help support his growth into a thriving preschooler. He settles down quietly to prepare for nap time, knows to help pick up toys during clean up, waits patiently as snacks and meals are served, and uses “please” and “thank you” often without prompting.

Rose is patient and understanding of our child’s needs, and tailors her routines to exceed our expectations. Our son was breastfeed through his first year and she had no problem handling breast milk, or maintaining different brands of bottles and accessories.

Rose always keeps us well informed of our son’s progress, and we are also able to communicate any needs or concerns to her with ease. To us, Paint Me Colors, Rose, and her team are way more than just our daycare provider. They are an extension of our home and parenting efforts. They are like family to us! Thank you for all that you do!

From Courtney Duggan, 2015
When I first returned to work after being away on maternity leave I was overwhelmed with anxiety about leaving my daughter at daycare. I think this is something all first time mothers go through, luckily I had Rose and Maureen. They assured me that everything was going to be ok and Rose kept me updated on how she was doing and reassured me that I could always call and check up on her. My daughter has been going to Paint Me Colors since she was 11 weeks old, and now when I drop her off she literally jumps out of my arms and when I pick her up sometimes she doesn’t want to leave. Rose and her staff are amazing! They treat my daughter and the other children as they would their own children which is very comforting for me as a parent, knowing that your child is in excellent hands and cared for with love even when you are not there.

From Sabrina and Eduardo Rodriguez, 2015
As a parent of an infant, it can be nerve wrecking to drop off your baby for the first time all day. However there’s nothing better than to find a child daycare where I feel that my child is so well cared for and loved. I have brought my daughter to Paint Me Colors since she was less than 3 months old. I was nervous at first, but quickly felt comfortable she was cared for in a warm, loving, and clean environment. I love that every child has each individual need met and not overlooked, my daughter’s interests in activities, learning and her creative spark has blossomed at Paint Me Colors. Every day I pick her up she seems to have learned new things; she was an early walker and talker. You know your child is happy at daycare when you drop her off and she quickly rushes away to interact with the other children. It speaks volumes to the kind of training and professionalism that you ensure your staff receives. I am so grateful to have found you and glad to know she’s in a safe, nurturing and educational environment, I tell everyone about Paint Me Colors.

From Melissa Hudson, 2015
Our family had recently moved to the Maryland area after retiring from the military in the Midwest. We have a large family and have experienced all types of childcare facilities. Due to our background our expectations were extremely high. We had searched endlessly for affordable care without lacking the high standards in a facility and love from the providers. Mrs. Rose and her staff were incredible upon initially meeting and throughout care. We would highly recommend her facility.

From Shane’e Jennette-Meeks, 2015
The staff at Paint Me Color daycare are very loving and caring and very attentive to the proper care for all the children at the child care center no matter what the age or size. The staff are very professional and make sure the environment is a nurturing and educational environment as well. I would recommend Paint Me Color to any family looking for a safe, nurturing and loving environment for their child, that will give them a peace a mind everyday they leave their child/children in their care.